The "How" of Living Out the Gospel

Feb 26, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Greetings Mosaic family, 

We've been enjoying the sermon series that Walt has been sharing about the critical elements of our faith that too often are missed (especially by Christians).... Things like our sins being forgiven once and for all, what Jesus has done to me (not just for me), and that Jesus is our life (not just that He should be our top priority). Great stuff! Actually, critical stuff for us to grasp as believers. And now, paralleling Walt's five remaining sermons, the Elders would like to run a teaching series from the letter of James which Ron likes to describe as "Jesus with blue jeans."

James is interested in providing practical application of our faith in some of the most challenging experiences of life: daily struggles that we have with our own tongues and fleshly desires, how we treat people relative to their wealth or influence (and how we should view or own wealth or lack thereof), and how we perceive and respond to our daily trials and temptations -- just to name a few. In many respects, it's a lot like a New Covenant book of Proverbs, filled with wisdom and practical application. And that's what we'll be starting this Sunday, beginning with an intro and heading into Chapter 1 of this divinely inspired book that even holds a bit of controversy.  

I look forward to seeing you Sunday,

Jeff Nitz