Tongue Taming

Apr 23, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Dear Mosaic family,

After another great sermon from Walt, this Sunday we will return to our sermon series on James and digging deeper into Jesus' brother's emphasis on practically living out our faith. James pivots from talking about an idle faith in chapter 2 to idle speech in Chapter 3 and has some keen and pointed things to say to believers about what we allow to emerge from our mouth. We've all been there, right? We've either said things we wish we could have retracted for lack of anything edifying, or we've been the recipient of hurtful words spoken (or shouted) at us. Contrary to the ditty we said as kids, words, just like sticks and stones, can and do hurt us and others. So once more, we'll review James' pithy comments about lived out Christianity in relationship with others, and work to apply these simple (but difficult) biblical truths in the context of some small group discussion.  

Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday,

Jeff Nitz