The Prayer of Faith

Jul 2, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Greetings, Mosaic Family,


This Sunday we will be wrapping up our sermon series on James by reviewing the last 8 verses, a rich passage during which Jesus' brother covers the topics of prayer and healing, confession of sins, and retrieving a wayward brother or sister. And as per usual, James is one to share boldly and in a pithy way what God has taught him. But It's a passage that raises big questions about expected healing and the power of prayer. Can a prayer of faith truly heal another person?  Do we really have the power to save someone from a pathway of destruction as James seems to indicate? And what is God's role in all of this?  

I look forward to unpacking with you this challenging conclusion to James' letter. Have a great end to your week.


I hope to see you Sunday,


Elder Jeff Nitz