Transactional Christianity

Mar 19, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Greetings, Mosaic family, 

This week we will be stepping back into our study of the letter from James beginning with Chapter 2 and addressing again what expressed (or lived out) faith in Christ looks like. And more to the point, according to James, what it doesn't look like. Of special note to James is how we treat others, particularly whether they are rich or poor, because of what they can do for us. So we'll be looking at transactional Christianity and what drives us to treat people differently, before then getting in step with the Spirit's motivation for viewing and extending genuine care and mercy to everyone God puts before us. 

I look forward to unpacking the first half of this chapter with you and encourage you to read James 2:1-13 in the next few days.

See you Sunday, friends,

Jeff Nitz