Our Mission, Vision, & Values

There is “One Body” for which Jesus is coming back.

In the meantime, local churches are what God has established for equipping Christians to go into the world and make disciples. Every congregation or local church has a unique place or calling in God’s Kingdom on earth.

Mosaic’s purpose is as follows:

The Mission

We have been commanded to do one main thing above everything else:
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28:19-20

The Vision

Each local congregation has a unique vision of how they carry that out:

Our vision here at Mosaic is to establish ourselves as an authentic community of believers who Live by Faith, are Known by Love, and are a Voice of Hope.

what does that look like?

Live by Faith

▸ Not ashamed of the Gospel and live it out daily.
▸ Trust in God for finances, marriages, and future.
▸ Acknowledge our detours and come back quickly.

Known by Love

▸ No judgment – love first, ask questions later.
▸ Pursue reconciliation.
▸ Be 2nd Mile Christians – go above and beyond.
▸ Allowing others to love you.

a Voice of Hope

▸ We lead from a position of hope.
▸ We acknowledge a “Wonderful Counselor.”
▸ We keep a Kingdom perspective.

Our Values

As important as Mission & Vision are for a church, we also believe that we have to have a set of values to guide us in our everyday interactions with each other. Otherwise, you can kiss Mission & Vision goodbye.

Help me understand before being understood

Before jumping to conclusions, judging, or taking another person’s word for something, go directly to the source of the original statement or information and ask them, “Help me understand why you said or did so and so.”  You honor the other person and avoid miscommunication or hearsay.

The speed of the leader is the speed of the team

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Team members and non-team members will only model what they see the leaders above them modeling.

No gossip, or parking lot conversations

There can be no talking behind each other’s backs.  Gossip is the cancer of any organization. It will suck the life out of a church. If a person has a problem with another person, they are encouraged to go to that person directly. 

All elephants in the room will be acknowledged

During the course of a meeting when someone’s feelings get hurt, an offense occurs, or people become obviously uncomfortable, it is up to the leader or anyone else to acknowledge that an elephant just walked in the room.  Deal with it immediately!

Hold things loosely and maintain a thick skin & thin pride

Determine what principles and values need to be protected, and which ones are merely your preferences. For the sake of the group’s progress, don’t become easily offended if things aren’t going the way you wanted.  Choose your battles wisely and agree to disagree agreeably.

Be willing to share the last 10%

Leaders and team members must be willing to confront one another in love at those times when it’s most uncomfortable.  Even though you risk the chance of being misunderstood, disappointing, or even hurting the other person, everyone knows the “problem” isn’t going to resolve itself.  You need to be willing to make the hard call, even if it’s unpopular or it causes conflict with another person.  The team must be committed to being “peacemakers,” not peacekeepers.

Umbrella of Mercy

In order to solicit input from all team members, there must be a climate of mercy no matter how outlandish or out of the box a suggestion might sound.  There is no stupid question, answer, or suggestion at any time.

Listen well to each other & eliminate sidebar conversations

Practice being an active, verses a passive listener when someone else in the group is talking.  No private conversations, phone calls, or texting while someone else is talking.  Don’t talk over one another; wait until they’re finished.

Err on the side of grace

Maintain an attitude and lifestyle of grace when working and serving with others. No one likes to be judged.

Significant Change Happens Within 3 Feet or Less

We were born for community. No man or woman is an island onto himself or herself. We need to see each other’s eyes.

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