Distinctively Mosaic

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer


Recognizing that each of us came to Christ as wounded and wounding sinners, Mosaic Church will seek to live humbly as saints because of the grace of God and the gift of salvation. 


Believing that God deals with us on the basis of grace, we will be a community which is growing in grace as we relate lovingly to one another. 


Knowing that relationship with God is a journey, Mosaic Church will seek to patiently accept people where they are while offering a path toward maturity. 


Believing that God has revealed Truth in Holy Scripture, Mosaic Church will seek to comprehend and walk in the Truth under the direction of the Holy Spirit who is our teacher. 


Recognizing that we are a community of people from diverse Christian backgrounds, we will seek unity in doctrinal essentials, but allow for diversity of thought on non-essentials. 


Knowing that life is often messy, Mosaic Church will seek to live authentically, honestly owning challenges without being defined by them.


Believing that God’s ways are not limited by history or tradition, Mosaic Church will seek to remain open to fresh ideas and methods for conducting ministry while remaining solidly Gospel focused. 


Trusting in God as our ultimate hope, Mosaic Church will not pedestalize leaders but seek to create a community of servant-leaders who are humble and accessible. 


Knowing that we were placed in this community at this time, Mosaic Church will seek to live out the Kingdom mission God has given us. 


Believing that God is worthy of the very highest praise, Mosaic Church will nurture sincere, whole-hearted worship permeating every area of our personal and collective lives. 


Knowing that we are spiritual, emotional, and relational beings, Mosaic Church will encourage holistic growth through Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring which facilitates Biblical healing, transformation, and discipleship.


Desiring to make the widest variety of people comfortable in our gatherings, Mosaic Church will conduct worship and teaching experiences in environments that are relaxed and less formal. 


Certain that God desires to accomplish His purposes in partnership with us, Mosaic Church will emphasize the priority of corporate and individual prayer in all worship, planning, decisions, and ministry. 

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