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Stay connected with the day-to-day life of Mosaic with the Mosaic Church app! Once you've signed in, you can message other members of the congregation; give your offering to designated funds; watch or listen to past messages and download them for offline listening; stay up to date with push notifications; share your favorite messages via social media; and so much more.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of common questions to make integration to the app easier. If your answer is not found either here or in the guide below, please reach out to Briana through e-mail by clicking the “Get App Help” button.
Where can I download the app?
The mobile app is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can now also download the TV app on your Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire and Google TV devices!
Will the app spam me with notifications?
Not at all. We send out push notifications on Sunday mornings to remind people the live stream is about to start or in the event of an urgent or time-sensitive need of someone within the church. If you are a Mosaic volunteer, you will also get push notifications when you are put on the schedule to serve.
Can I watch past sermons on my TV?
You can! You should be able to view all sermons since we moved to the Subsplash platform through the TV apps. If you're unable to download the app for whatever reason, you should also be able to cast videos to your TV from your mobile app. We are still updating our website to include sermons from before we changed platforms.
What payment methods can I use in Subsplash Giving?
You're able to add a bank account for ACH payments, a credit or debit card, or pay through Apple Pay. When you're signed into your account, you can manage payment methods through your profile.

Please note: We recommend giving via a bank account. Using a credit or debit card incurs a larger processing fee. Subsplash gives you the option to cover the processing fees so Mosaic gets the full amount of your intended gift, but please do not feel obligated to do so.
I see an error somewhere. What should I do?
Good catch! Please click the "Get App Help" button below to send our tech director an email so she can get it fixed.

still have questions?

app overview

Here you'll find a quick walkthrough of what you'll find within the app. Please note that the app gets updated regularly so some things may look different depending on when you download it.

home tab

When you first open the app, you should be met with the homepage that'll look something like this. The items may change now and then, but the format should stay the same!

Each of these blocks links you to a dedicated page for the stated items. For example, clicking on the first block titled "Live Stream" will bring you to three links for where you're able to watch: in-app, on our Facebook page, or on our YouTube channel.

The Subsplash Premium Content Library at the bottom is miscellaneous video content provided to us at no extra charge. You'll see a bit of what that is, including episodes of The Chosen and The Bible Project. Take a look through to see what else they offer!

events tab

The second tab is the hub for all the church events happening at Mosaic! If you hear an announcement on Sunday and you would like to get more information about that event, you can come here and typically find you'd need to know.

When the select an event, the page that pulls up will have the name and description of the event, the date and time, and a map to show you where it is located (usually at the church, but sometimes we go out into the community, too!). You can also share an event with a friend you'd like to invite by using the share button right in the app, and add it to your phone's calendar so you don't forget. At the very bottom, there should also be contact information for the person or ministry facilitating.

get involved tab

The middle tab shows you what opportunities we have to get involved around Mosaic. There are three separate tabs at the top, so be sure to check through each of them!

Under Connect, you'll find information on life groups (our preferred term for what others may call small groups) and the ministries dedicated to men, women, and children.

Under Support, you'll see ways in which Mosaic is being missional throughout the globe, within our community, and within our own walls.

Under Volunteer, there is a list of the ministries we have available in which you could volunteer your time on a Sunday morning. You can contact the lead for each of these ministries through the form at the bottom of the those pages!

sermons tab

The Sermons tab has the video and audio of the majority of the messages that have been given on Sundays since June 2022. Messages previous to this are still in the process of being uploaded to our database.

This tab is organized in a few different ways. You can locate sermons from those that have been recently added, look for a specific series of connected messages, search by speaker, and by topic of the sermon. If you're unsure of where to find something, you can also search via keyword by clicking the search button in the top beside your profile icon.

Once you've selected a video, you will be met with a lot of different buttons, so let's break them down. In the top right corner, you'll see a square icon. This button will allow you to cast the video to a compatible device such as your smart TV. If that is not available for whatever reason, feel free to contact Briana to ask questions.

Underneath of the video, you will see a download button. This allows you to download either the video or audio of the sermon so you may watch it at another time or without an internet connection. Please note that this does take up more space on your device. You can also take notes on a particular sermon or upload ones you wrote down in person and attach it to the video to keep better track of them.

Every message that has a PowerPoint presentation will have that attached on this page as well. You can download a PDF version by clicking the button beneath the video description.

giving tab

The final tab is for giving your offerings to the church.

When you go to give, you type in the amount you'd like to give in the space at the top and then select a fund from the drop down menu. You can give to Mosaic through the General  Fund, to those seeking assistance through Mosaic Helps with the Benevolence Fund, or to the local and global missions we support. From time to time, we will also have a special love offering which can be found here as well.

Under frequency, you can decide if this particular gift amount is a one time thing or if you would like to set up a recurring payment. There are many options available for recurring payments, including weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, and monthly. If you would like to set a specific date for when the payment will be taken out of your account, you can change the start date beneath there.

You can give to multiple funds at once as well by selecting the option to add another fund at the bottom before you go to submit your gift. This will allow you to give separate amounts to different funds at one time so you don't have to go through the process multiple times.

Once you've selected the continue button, Subsplash will open your giving information in your browser. This will have all of the information you have already filled out, but you can edit it if you find an error by clicking the pencil beside the gift information. Select your payment method if you have one saved to your account or add one by selecting "New payment method."

Please note: There are payment processing fees for every gift given through our online platforms. The amount of this fee is a percentage of the gift amount and will vary depending on the payment method used. We recommend giving via bank account. Using a credit or debit card incurs a larger processing fee percentage. Subsplash gives you the option to cover this fee so that Mosaic gets the full amount of your intended gift, but please do not feel obligated to do so.

Once all of your information has been filled out, you can give your gift by pressing the button at the bottom. We thank you for your continued giving and know that no amount is ever too small in God's kingdom.

get started on the app

To get the full experience of the Mosaic app, you’ll need to setup an account. This is quick and easy, and it will allow you to save your notes directly in the app, communicate to others within the church through messaging, keep track of your giving history, save your payment methods for future gifts, and so much more!

Being signed into your account is especially important for Mosaic volunteers as this is how you will receive notifications when you are being scheduled for Sunday morning.

* NOTE: If you use Apple to create your account, you will not be able to later sign in using your email address. It will not connect your account properly. This is a bug with the interface that we are unable to correct.

create your account

To sign up for your account, simply open your profile in the top right corner, then click Log In or Sign Up. From here, you can choose to sign up by using a Google account, your Apple ID* or by typing in an email address.

Subsplash will send you a verification email to the account used for registration. Click “Confirm email address” in your email and it will redirect you to edit your account. Fill in the rest of your profile and hit “Save” to complete the signup process.

You're now signed in, so you can access all of the features available within the app. From your profile, you can manage your giving, access downloaded sermons to enjoy offline, access notes you take within the app, and check your schedule if you're a volunteer!

updating your account

It's best to keep your information up to date in our system, just in case we need to reach out for any reason. Having accurate information allows us to deliver your giving statements at the end of the year as well.

To update your account information, simply open up your profile in the top right corner and click on the pencil beside your name. From here, you can add your picture, your name, edit your email, and change your password. You can also add in personal details such as your phone number, birthdate, and mailing address.

To upload an image as your icon, click on the small camera in the circle above your name and a list will pop up giving multiple ways to choose from to add your favorite picture.

In-App Messaging

In-app messaging is a convenient way to enable communication between church groups and members without needing to have everyone's phone number. You can also see prayer requests, messages from the Mosaic Helps ministry about current needs, and more.
Pro-Tip: You can also access messaging through the website! Go to the "Connect" tab in the main menu and click on "Messaging" to access it.

send a direct message

To access Messaging, open up the app and click on the chat bubbles in the top right corner. When you first open messaging, you will have prompts displayed to you. Click the “Start Message” button to locate a member of the congregation with whom you’d like to chat. Once the blank window comes up, type in someone's name and, if they have an account, they should pop up. And that's it! You're now connected.

If you already have conversations or have joined groups previously, select the circle with the plus sign to start a new message instead. If you open up Messaging and you don’t see any active channels, this means you haven’t participated in any conversations or been invited to any channels yet.

join a group message

If you'd like to join a group, select the "Discover" tab at the top of the messaging window or the "Join a group" button if you have no open conversations. Have a scroll through the list to see which ministries have messaging groups in which to participate. Most groups are open for anyone to join, but you may see a few that you have to request to become a member.

Once you've selected the group you'd like to join, click on the image then select "Join group" at the top beneath the group's name. There will be a confirmation that you are now a member and the date in which you joined. If for any reason down the like you would like to leave the group, click on the group icon in your messages to bring up the details page, scroll to the bottom, and select "Leave group."

If there is a group missing, please reach out to church administration so we can get it added to the list.