Plan Your Visit

service time

Sundays • 10 am

detailed directions

The Plaza has 3 levels, and we are in the corner on the second level, beside High Peak Sportswear.

Driving or Walking

If you are coming down Memorial from Fort Ave, you will see a Pizza Hut on your left. Take a left on Wilton Ave and come down to the stop sign, look to your right, and there we are!

If you are coming from Hwy 29 South, take the Kemper Street exit. Follow Kemper all the way up to the round-about and keep going straight until you come to Memorial Ave. Take a left, come to the Pizza Hut, and take a right on Wilton.

GLTC Bus Routes

Route 1A and Route 10
On Sundays, these routes stop at the Plaza at approximately 9:05 AM and 10:05 AM. We're already open by 9 as we prepare for the service, so if you arrive early, you can come on in, make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of coffee or the best hot chocolate in town, and save yourself a good seat.

frequently asked questions

+ What can I expect if I visit Mosaic?

You will hear an encouraging message from the Bible that relates to your everyday life, struggles and all. You will find a group of folks who are trying to live by faith, be known by love, and be a voice of hope (our vision). If you get there a few minutes early you can even claim one of the couches, but they go fast! 

+ Do I have to dress up to attend?

Nope! Our Tech Director frequently serves wearing pajama pants. Come as you are.

+ What time does your Sunday service start?

10 am. No worries if you missed your morning 'joe. You'll love our "approximate 10 minute" coffee break after praise and worship. Mosaic Kids, our children's ministry, is offered during the service in our brand-new children's wing.

+ Are you a denomination?

Actually, several of them. We are inter-denominational. We identify well with Erwin McManus from Mosaic L.A. 

+ How old is your church?

Mosaic was established in 2002, so we'll be celebrating 21 years soon. We are still learning and growing. 

+ Are you just one ethnicity?

No, and we pray we never are. Just trying to become a more beautiful Mosaic each year. 

+ Will I be pressured to give?

We get your concern on money, so much so, we refused to take an offering the first two years! We now have credit card machines at your seat (just kidding!)

+ There actually are over 300 churches in this city, so what’s so special about Mosaic?

We are no more special, we’re just different - well maybe a lot different. If you don't say "wow" when you walk in, you should by the time you leave. 

+ I’m de-churched because I’ve made some serious mistakes along the journey. How’s the judgment meter at Mosaic?

You’ll find people just like you, so don’t worry about any stones coming your way. 

+ Do you have ministries for all ages?

We currently have ministries for Men, Women, and Children ages 3 through 12. We are seeking those with hearts for youth (middle and high school age) and young adults to help us develop ministries better suited for those age groups.