The Way Up is the Way Down (and to the Cross)

May 28, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Dear Mosaic family,

Have you ever found yourself slowly compromising your faith in Jesus and discovered being increasingly tempted to pursue the temptations the world has to offer? And perhaps you've not only experienced the temptation, but have fallen head over heels into the world's pleasures and values and are having a difficult time finding a way out. Or maybe you're finding that having one foot firmly planted in the world and another in God's kingdom is seeming like the best of both worlds.

This Sunday we return to our study in James and begin chapter 4. As usual, James has some pithy and practical comments to make, this time about what we do when we find ourselves mired in sin patterns of a contentious spirit, or idolatry of what the world offers. So whether it's you or someone you know struggling in this area, please come and hear James' gracious and bold response of hope and grace.

See you Sunday,

Jeff Nitz