When the Old Has Faded Away

Jan 22, 2023    Walt Davis

Dear Saints,

We look forward to celebrating Jesus and His finished work with you again this Sunday at Mosaic. We will continue our count down of “The Top 10 Things everyone needs to know, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS, about Christianity!” We are on number 9 this week: When we see the Old has faded away, the veil hiding our new heart is taken away! - 2 Corinthians 3.

You see the New Covenant can be really hard for us to wrap our religiously trained minds around. We are trained to live based on morality. In the New Covenant we learn to live by the Life of Jesus within. Of course, Jesus’ life is a moral life, but Christianity isn’t learning about morality and trying our best to live up to it. Christianity is seeing the truth that our new spiritual core is the very glory of God. As we see this truth day by day we begin to live out who we now are in Him—not by trying but by trusting!

Are you tired of trying to live the Christian life and continue to fail over and over? Maybe it’s time to stop trying and start trusting in the good news that Jesus not only lived the Christian life but IS the Christian life and His life is now your life in you, joined to you, one with you. This veil of trying must be removed. As it is, the glory of God in you goes on display through you!

I really hope to see you Sunday!

Walt Davis