What He's Done TO Us!

Feb 12, 2023    Walt Davis

Dear Saints!

What an incredible testimony to God's grace Ben shared last week. I was extremely touched and encouraged by it. This Sunday we are continuing our series of messages "The Top 10 things everyone, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS, should know about Christianity!" If you have missed #s 10, 9, & 8, let me encourage you to check them out on the Church's sermon archive. This week is another big one! "#7 - Jesus didn’t just do something FOR you, He did something TO you!"

You see all believers believe that Jesus did something wonderful FOR us, and He did! He lived a perfect sinless life FOR us. He died on a Roman cross FOR us. He took our penalty FOR us. He was raised from the dead FOR us, and so on. Yes, He did and we celebrate this! But He didn’t just do something FOR us. He has done something TO us!

If you have come to faith in Jesus, Jesus has done something radical TO you. He KILLED you—the old you. He BURIED you—the old you. He RAISED you up—the new you. He has JOINED you to Him. He has SEATED you with Him in the Heavenly Realm. Do you know what He’s done TO YOU?

I hope you see you Sunday. So often in this life we mourn and lament the things that other do TO us. This world throws all sorts of terrible things our way. Let’s pause this Sunday and celebrate what Jesus has done TO you!

Hope to see you then!

Walt Davis