Jesus is Grace Personified

Mar 12, 2023    Walt Davis

Dear Holy Ones of the Most High!

We can’t wait to celebrate the risen Messiah with you on Sunday. We will continue our journey through the “10 things everyone, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS, need to know about Christianity.” This week we’ll be talking about “Grace isn’t God’s soft side. Jesus is Grace personified.”

You see, far too often, when people, even believers, hear the truth about the Grace of God, they like it for a while but then look for something “more,” something “else,” something “bigger,” something “harder.” Their thinking is that the grace of God is great, but it’s the milk -- the easy stuff -- and there has got to be more than just milk… there has to be meat and potatoes! So if grace is the easy milk, then what is the difficult meat and potatoes? Typically, they look to the commands, the rules, the do’s and don’ts found in the bible as the real meat and potatoes of Christianity. Grace is God’s easy side to get them in the door, but it’s the Law, the rules, the commands that keep them in the door.

So which is it? Is there something greater than Grace? Is there something beyond Grace that we are to graduate to? Does Grace get us in the door and then we have to move on to other things, more meaningful and fruitful things? Join us Sunday as we’ll see the REALITY!

Hope to see you Sunday at Mosaic!

Walt Davis