Living FOR Him vs Living FROM Him

Apr 16, 2023    Walt Davis

Dear Holy Ones of the Most High!

We are excited to be back with you this Sunday. I was so excited to hear Brian share last week. What an amazing job he did! This Sunday we get back to our “10 things everyone, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS, needs to know about Christianity!” We are on "#4 We are sons, not slaves!” Most of us reading that are likely shaking our heads in agreement, but here’s the deal. Do you find yourself living your life FOR God, or do you find yourself living your life FROM God? 

Generally speaking, living FOR God sounds wonderful but can insinuate a daily struggle and strife of trying your best do serve God as best as you can, living as committed as you can, and using all the strength you possess to do great and wonderful acts of ministry for God. But what is the source of this work? You see when we focus our lives as living FOR God, we may be living more as slaves than sons. 

Sonship is different. As sons of the Most High, having been born of His Spirit and now partakers of His Divine Nature, we live not FOR God, but FROM Him. He is our source. He is our strength. He is our energy. He is our comfort. He is our delight. He is our everything. We live in this world FROM Him not FOR Him.

Maybe you have experienced the same “burn out” in life that so many have described in Christianity. If you have spent any time trying to serve out of your own strength, you will and should "burn out.” But what if you choose to see the reality—that you are inseparably fused to the GREAT I AM and He is your source for all things. He is the Christian Life already in you living and you simply live now FROM Him? See the difference! One is labor. The other is Rest.

Let us enter His REST as his SONS and DAUGHTERS.

Hope to see you Sunday,

Walt Davis