The Bible is One Book Containing Two Different Covenants

Nov 27, 2022    Walt Davis

Hey Mosaic,

Why is the Bible so hard to read and understand sometimes?

Don’t get me wrong, some if not most of it is clear. But there’s a lot that leaves us scratching our heads at best. Sure, there are cultural differences between theirs and ours. Sure, there are language and translation difficulties. But sometimes the difficulty is more than that— it’s the content.

For example, Jesus tells the Jews that God will forgive their sins only if they forgive other people's sins against them, but then Paul tells believing Christians in his letters that they are completely forgiven of all their sins—past, present, & future. Another example is that the same Bible says that God judged the Israelites because of their sins, but then we read Hebrews say that God remembers our sins “NO MORE!”

So which is it? How do we reconcile these differences? 

I really hope you join us this Sunday at Mosaic, where we will try to unpack the truth that the Bible is one book that contains two completely different covenants. Knowing which covenant you are in makes a world of difference in what you believe about God, about yourself, and most practically, what you believe God thinks about you!

Hope to see you there!

Walt Davis