Help, I'm Struggling with Gratitude

Nov 26, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Greetings, Mosaic Family,


I trust you all had some good food and fellowship on Thanksgiving and found plenty to be thankful for.  And if that may have been a struggle for you -- the thankful part, not the food part -- then this final sermon on our "Help, I'm struggling with..." series may be for you.


The reality is that most of us can find ourselves at times in periods of sustained discouragement, focusing on our pain or problems rather than experiencing life through a lens of gratefulness. So tomorrow we will be looking at this mindset of gratitude and thankfulness, something the Bible speaks to a great deal, and some specific ways for growing in gratitude.


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow as we open up and explore God's word together. 

Warmly yours,