Longing for Real Rest

Sep 10, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Dear Mosaic Family,


So here's a question for you: How many days during a typical week do you find yourself thoroughly exhausted by the demands of a life going way too fast? Or perhaps put another way, how often are you able to say "I am well rested"? If you're anything like the typical American, I suspect that many of you would say your current phase of life allows for too little rest and a way too hurried life as a result of trying to put more than can reasonably fit into 24 hours. Unfortunately, the consequences of irritability, weariness, and the effects on our emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health remind us that we are living a life out of balance with way too little quietness of soul and rest.  


This Sunday we will be unpacking the biblical concept of sabbath and how we can build in meaningful rest and a sustainable pace to life, starting from Jesus' very own promise to those who are weary and heavy-laden (Matthew 11:28). So if you're one who struggles as a hurry-oholic and can't find enough time to fit in all of your priorities, come prepared to see what God's Word has to say to you.  


See you Sunday,


Elder Jeff