I'm Struggling with Humility

Oct 22, 2023    Jeff Nitz

Greetings Mosaic Family,


So how are things going for you in the humility department? I thought I was doing pretty well and actually won an award for being humble, but then they took it away because I wore it (cue cymbal crash). :) On a more serious note, humility can be one of those Christ-like qualities that can seem just beyond reach, or worse yet, far from a reality in our lives. Some of the symptoms of a lack of humility in our lives can be bouts of self-righteousness, disdain for others, a critical or judgmental spirit, a lack of empathy with others' struggles, a desperate need to be right or to protect your reputation at all costs, plus many others.  


If not these, then perhaps we struggle with the other end of the continuum and feel a sense of worthlessness and complete inadequacy, and a belief that I have nothing to offer others and the world.....which is really not about humility at all. However, there is hope if this is where you find yourself. This week we will be unpacking what genuine humility looks like from a biblical perspective and God's powerful treatment plan for when we find ourselves without much. 

I look forward to seeing you Sunday morning.