I'm Struggling with... Anxiety & Depression

Sep 17, 2023    Ben Turcotte

Dear Friends & Saints,


This Sunday we will be continuing our series of “I am struggling with ___.” There were several responses to last month's survey that indicated that some of us are dealing with issues about anxiety and depression. So this Sunday, I will be bringing you a message of empathy, hope, and encouragement about those two struggles.

I won't be bringing any ground breaking revelation that will make these issues go away. There is no self-help book that will erase your pain and hurt. Often, these issues run deep in our psyche. But there is hope! Father deeply loves and cares for you and has expressed His love in some powerful promises. Father longs to journey alongside you as you wrestle with this aspect of our human experience. The Enemy wants us to isolate and believe lies - but Father shows us the Truth.

In studying this topic, I was surprised at how much overlap there has been in passages that have already been covered by our other teachers! Some of our time will be spent in passages that have been already taught - but I think them to be appropriate and helpful reminders. This week, we will see new applications of the truth you already know. New ways to apply the truth of the Scripture in more specific circumstances.

So this Sunday, I will be reminding us of those truths. We can take steps together - in community - to renew our minds as to the real-truth. We can learn to set aside the lies we tell ourselves and the lies used by the Enemy to attack us and beat us down.

There is hope for you dear friend - hope rooted in the promises and word of God.