Mission-Minded with a Heart of Worship

Jul 10, 2022    Ron Miller

Good morning Mosaic,

As we continue our review of the distinctives of Mosaic Church, the two we are examining this week, #9 and #10, appear to stand apart. After all, living out God’s mission for us in the community is what we do outside the walls of the sanctuary, and whole-hearted worship is what we do inside. Or is it?

This Sunday, we will be wrestling with that question, and more. Does God have a mission specifically for Mosaic Church right here in central Virginia? How do we know what it is? And if worship is something that permeates every area of our personal and collective lives, is it more than just a Sunday thing? Is it possible that fulfilling one of these distinctives actually fulfills both?

How we as a body respond to these questions has so much to do with how we live our lives daily in concert with the Holy Spirit. So please join us as together we unpack these critical, church and life-shaping distinctives.

Ron and Jeff