Because of Grace, We are Growing in Grace

Jun 5, 2022

Greetings, Mosaic Family,

Starting this Sunday we will be starting a sermon series on our Mosaic "Distinctives," the document on our church website that describes what this Body of believers seeks to emphasize the most. This was something that Pastor Rick had worked on before his retirement, but that the elders then revised with input received from you all during our Saturday townhall events last year.

This Sunday we will be spending time reviewing Distinctives #1 and #2, the scriptural basis for these, and why we believe it's so important for our church to robustly live out these core principles of Christian thought and practice together. Specifically, I look forward to unpacking with you what it means to live as saints and to grow in how we live out grace in each others' lives.

See you Sunday, dear family,

Jeff Nitz