Distinctively Mosaic

Aug 21, 2022

Hey Mosaic,

This Sunday we are returning to and wrapping up our 7-sermon series on Mosaic's distinctives by looking at Distinctives #11 & 12. We will be unpacking a couple questions:

- Why do we encourage a more informal gathering on Sundays and how does this relate to God's very nature?

- How do we go about holistic growth as genuine believers (and too often broken human beings), and what is a biblical basis for God's vs. a counselor's role in this?

OK, that was really 4 questions morphed into two, but I wasn't sure you'd really read all four. 😉

Please take a few minutes before Sunday to read over our list of distinctives and doctrinal statements so that we can dive deep together into God's Word and exhort each other towards spiritual and relational maturity in Christ. I look forward to our time to worship as fellow sojourners.

See you Sunday, friends,