Free From Sin or Free To Sin?

Jun 16, 2024    John Stroud

Hey there Mosaic Family,


I hope you've been reflecting on God's super-abundant grace and finding yourself awestruck and possibly puzzled by how marvelous this Grace is. You'll be pleased to know that Paul knew his words would provoke questions not unlike your own.

This weekend, I am SUPER excited to continue our journey in the study. Romans 6 is my jam! I agree with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who wrote that, "Romans 6 is one of the most important chapters in the Bible because it deals with the crucial matter of how a Christian should live his or her life in view of the death and resurrection of Christ.”


In preparation for our time together on Sunday, please read the account of Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus in John 3. Come prepared to explore what happened to you when you became a follower of Jesus.


If you haven't been to Mosaic in a while, we welcome you to come and join us. Your presence and participation in worship is welcomed and valued. I look forward to our time together.


Grace and peace,