The Very Heart of the Gospel

May 19, 2024    Keith Lahikainen

Over the last month we have been studying the Apostle Paul's unfolding of a rather bleak description of the state of humanity in the first three chapters of his letter to believers in Rome. We are told, among other things, that human beings suppress the truth about God, and are filled with all forms of envy, strife, covetousness, evil and unrighteousness. For all of this, we are without excuse! Both Jew and Gentile alike cannot meet the standard of being “right with God” and are condemned to perish for our sin and rebellion. Yet, with no hope of reconciliation, Paul's message about God's response takes a radical turn in verse 21 of Chapter 3.  


God has provided a remedy for our sins and a way to reconcile his people to himself while remaining true to his very nature, being both faithful and just. It is through the offering of his Son, Jesus, as an atoning sacrifice that God's just wrath for our sin is appeased and we who put our faith in the person and work of Christ are declared “innocent” of all wrongdoing. God's offering is not something we earn or that we deserve, but it is a freely given by his grace that we exercise through faith. Paul goes on to explain that this was God's plan from the very beginning and that it has always been by grace through faith that any of his people (past, present, and future) have hope of peace with their Creator.  


This remarkable event is the very heart of the gospel and one that we are called to share with everyone so that people can have such a hope. Come join us this Sunday as we dive into the very heart of the gospel in studying Romans 3:21 – 4:25.


Thanks and see you then!