Paul's Gospel Passion

Apr 21, 2024    John Stroud

Hey Mosaic Church Fam,

I'm excited to once again stand before you and teach the Scriptures. As you have witnessed, the past few years have been hard for me. While the hard isn't gone [entirely], I am feeling better and am compelled to minister from a place of weakness rather than waiting until all my issues are resolved. And you know there's no way I could miss an opportunity to preach ROMANS- my ride or die Epistle! So this Sunday, you get “John with Issues” led by the Spirit- perfectly imperfect!


This we're diving into Romans 1:8-32. We'll talk about Paul's passion for spreading the Gospel to those who think they're wise and those considered foolish. We'll see how desperately we all need that Good News in our lives. PG-13 Warning: This passage touches on some adult themes and I will be sharing from personal life experiences, I suggest that you encourage kids to participate in Mosaic Kids!


Whether you're able to join us in person or online, know that you're part of this beautiful community where we're all seeking to grow in grace together. I want to take a moment to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who've already submitted your faith promise. Your commitment to supporting Mosaic is what keeps us thriving right here in this community. And for those who haven't yet, I encourage you to spend some time in prayer considering what you and your family can pledge. Every bit matter, and together, we can continue to be the Kingdom in Lynchburg inviting people into a journey of faith made possible by grace.


Can't wait to worship with you all this Sunday!


Grace and Peace,