Life and Death: A Choice

Jun 9, 2024    John Stroud

Dear Mosaic Family,

Last Sunday, we had wonderful small group discussions delving deep into Romans 5. We explored how our understanding of this passage can profoundly shape our daily experiences. We discovered that, because we are in Christ, we are justified, we have peace with God, we are saved from wrath, we are loved, and we are secure. We also explored the profound truth that Jesus not only gave His life for us but also gives His life to us, empowering us to share His life here and now within our personal environments. These truths become the starting point from which we step into each new moment in life. They orient and guide us in living as we continually and intentionally remember them.


This weekend, I am SUPER excited to continue our journey in the study. I was planning to get into Romans 6 this week, but the last two verses of Chapter 5 are so rich I have decided that we'll spend our time there.


Being together is always so enriching! Let's come together for a special time of worship, learning, and fellowship as we explore the scandalous Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


In His Love and Grace,