All of Paul's Roads Led to Rome

Apr 14, 2024    Ron Miller

Hello, Mosaic family!


Of the 13 letters Paul wrote -- all of them long by the standards of the day -- his epistle to the church in Rome was by far the longest and one of the most theologically complete. Romans brings the Gospel to Jews and Gentiles alike, both of whom comprised the Roman church, and makes it clear that man is incapable of his own salvation and justification through the law because of sin and only accepting Jesus and His sacrifice can save us. Paul wrote this letter before he went to Rome, but in the letter and elsewhere in the Bible, he expresses his desire to travel there to encourage the believers and extend his ministry westward to Spain. As we know, he would eventually travel to Rome twice, the last time resulting in his martyrdom.


This week, we begin a study of the book of Romans and learn why the late pastor Chuck Swindoll called it “the clearest and most systematic presentation of Christian doctrine in all the Scriptures.” It's not all doctrine, however; five chapters of practical instruction follow 11 chapters of doctrine. Paul's letter to the church in Rome is the perfect union of belief and practice to fully know why you believe what you believe and act in accordance with your beliefs. I am excited to start this study and hope it will fortify your faith and give you direction and purpose.






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