Mosaic's 7 Doctrinal Stances

Jan 28, 2024    Jeff Nitz

Dear Mosaic family,

This Sunday we begin our review of Mosaic's 7 core doctrinal stances. These are the ones that fit into the primary doctrinal space, the ones where we believe Scripture is most clear in its description, and not the ones we would place in the secondary and tertiary space. And we start this study with a review of the source of God's special revelation and truth, the Bible.  


Interestingly, we call the Bible "God's word" and that's one of the key themes that we'll be unpacking together on Sunday, plus a whole more. And of course, we will end with some practical application for how we examine and mine Scripture for the depth of God's love for us, as well as His instructions for how we are to live as salt and light in this crazy, mixed-up world.  


I hope to see you Sunday as we start this important series,