Biblical Rest & Self-Care

Jul 30, 2023    Ben Turcotte

Dear Saints at Mosaic Church,

How often do we find ourselves with racing thoughts at night unable to find rest? How often do we feel frantic throughout the day running from task to task? How often do we feel as a domesticated rodent running on his little wheel - all this effort to go nowhere?

How often do we see advertisements for weekend getaways? How often do we hear “treat yourself”? How often do we push ourselves to get to the weekend?

What does Scripture say about rest? What was the intent of the Sabbath? How do we as New Covenant believers understand and find peace in Christ’s Sabbath rest?

What does Scripture say about self-care? How do we steward our bodies and minds well in the midst of busy seasons of life? How can we grow our understanding of peace when life feels frantic?

Journey with me on Sunday as we query these things!

Ben Turcotte