Messiah in the Passover

Apr 2, 2023    B.J. Kerstetter

Mosaic family,

Palm Sunday marks the first day of commemorating the most consequential week in world history. During Holy Week, we remember the last days of Jesus’ life before He submitted Himself to death by crucifixion, only to rise out of the grave with all the power and authority of heaven in His hands, and death trampled under His feet. The itinerant rabbi who performed miracles saved the best for last, and He did it to set us forever free from sin and eternal separation from God.


To take you back to the days of Jesus, we have a special presentation from guest teacher B.J. Kerstetter of Chosen People Ministries. He will speak on the redemption story of Jesus and its ties to the Passover of Exodus, and then present a traditional Passover seder like Jesus and His disciples ate at what we call The Last Supper. It’s Communion Sunday, so this is a great opportunity to do it Jesus’ way and prepare your hearts for the special week ahead.


Your elder/deacon leadership team,


Jeff, John, Ron, and Brian