God is God

Feb 4, 2024    Ron Miller

Last week, Jeff started our review of Mosaic Church's doctrinal beliefs with a comprehensive and practical examination of God's Word, the Bible. If you haven't downloaded and printed out the presentation slides for regular reference as you read one of your 4.4 Bibles, I encourage you to do so when you get home. Knowing the history and literary styles of the Bible and how to apply good hermeneutics to your Bible reading are indispensable to every believer looking to be informed and inspired by the Word. 


We want to understand the Bible because we believe it is God-breathed, and we want to know God's mind, heart, and soul. This week, we will examine what God has chosen to reveal to us about Him - His uniqueness, exclusivity, omnipotence, omnipresence, and unconditional love for us, the pinnacle of His creation. I was enriched by the preparation to bring this message to you, and I hope you are similarly blessed.


With faith, hope, and love,