We the Church

Mar 10, 2024    Brian Stroud

As we continue our series on the doctrine of Mosaic Church, we will talk about the assembly responsible for maintaining doctrinal integrity - the church itself. Note my choice of words - “assembly,” not “building” or “institution.” People can and do attach the word “church” to those things, but as we've taught here at Mosaic multiple times, the church is you and me, the “ekklesia,” the “called-out assembly of believers.” If we accept that we are the church, when we interact with people as we go about our daily business, whatever we say or do, we must remember that we're bringing the church to them. Our witness, good or bad, tells the world what the church is like.


And when the Bible describes the “profound mystery” (Ephesians 5:32) of the intimacy between Christ and the church, what does it mean when we call the church the “bride of Christ?” I look forward to sharing what the Lord has revealed to me over the years and what we here at Mosaic believe about the church. And don't forget to move your clocks ahead this weekend so you can get to church on time!