Creating an Authentic Culture of Worship

God has musically gifted so many folks in the Body of Christ. When those gifts and talents fit together in a similar style in a church, the whole Body can’t help but be built up.


Practice Time & Location
Wednesdays from 6:00-8:30 PM at Mosaic


Mauresa Guelzo / Worship Director

Mauresa recognizes that worshipping is not just singing on a Sunday morning, but should be a lifestyle of reverence, obedience, joy, and thanksgiving to the Lord. That being said, she is honored to lead the people of Mosaic in musical worship along with her treasured “family” on the worship team. Mauresa is a strong believer in authenticity and community and couldn’t be more aware that we all need Jesus – and each other.

Service Opportunities

If God has gifted you in the area of instrumentation or singing, we would love you to consider auditioning for our team.

Please email or call the church office to apply.